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What is XLS Medical?

The XLS Medical is a fat binder that is supposed to help obese or overweight people lose weight quickly . It is composed of natural products whose purpose is to capture the fats present in the body in order to eliminate them.

Lose weight by ingesting tablets, effective or not?

What is the controversy that swells around the XLS Medical? Besides, what is it exactly?

Slimming tablet, it comes in the form of several drugs distributed by the “Omega Pharma” laboratories:

Over-the-counter and available without a prescription, these slimming pills are intended for overweight people who have excess fat from diet.

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XLS Fat Binder

The “fat sensor” is a certified medical adjuvant intended for weight control : it is composed of litramine, natural vegetable fibers contained in cacti, in particular prickly pear – its vernacular term: Opuntia ficus indica – and is enriched with fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E.

Litramine can also absorb water in the stomach and cause it to bloat, reducing appetite.

Certified by the scientific community, this capsule – allergen-free and organic – would be able to capture up to 27.4% of fats from food, facilitate intestinal transit and could increase the feeling of satiety of the person who ingested it.

XLS Carb Blocker

The “carbohydrate blocker” is a slimming pill intended for people suffering from excess fat, wishing to control their daily calories  and who have a diet saturated with carbohydrates such as rice, pasta or bread.

Its ingredient is “phaselite”, a component of vegetable origin extracted from white beans, and it acts directly on the enzyme responsible for overweight, reducing the absorption of carbohydrates by up to 70%.

The producer of the medical tablet claims that it can reduce waist circumference by ten centimeters after one month of intake.

XLS Appetite Reducer

As its name suggests, this pill is intended for overly greedy people who love snacking between meals.

Its composition is made of konjac fibers – a plant cultivated in China, India, Japan and South Korea – and one would obtain a reduction in appetite with a dosage equivalent to 3 capsules 30 minutes before meals.

Warning: if this slimming food supplement helps to suppress cravings – this little internal voice that pushes us to eat sweets in the middle of meals -, do not swallow them day and night, the goal is not to cure obesity by becoming anorexic!

XLS Extra-Fort

Available in a box of 120 tablets since the summer of 2015, the XLS Extra-fort would be 33% more effective than the “Fat sensor” . Its composition, made of Clavitanol, would have a direct action on digestive enzymes.

Thus, taking it would intensify the fight against the absorption of sugars – slow sugars and fast sugars – and fats, this process allowing you to lose weight quickly .

After undergoing a marathon of clinical tests to assess its impact on human health, XLS Medical has been classified as a safe, secure, effective and over-the-counter dietary supplement without a prescription.

Note all the same that it can only be effective if the dosage is respected and above all, if a balanced slimming diet is applied , which makes its detractors say that weight loss is more attributable to better food hygiene. than the tablet itself.

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Side effects and arguments against XLS Medical

Despite all the advantages put forward by the pharmaceutical industry and part of the medical community, some side effects have nevertheless been observed in patients who have tested it.

A clinical study led by the pharmaceutical company InQpharm would come to the conclusion that these supposedly vegetable, natural and organic substances would allow you to lose weight in a healthy way, and this three times faster than during a traditional balanced diet.

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